Triple Credits, More Free Advertising

A great turnout for our promo with Marty and Hotwebsitetraffic.
Winners are all posted here at the blog.
We had alot of newcomers drop by to view your sites.
If you’re now in need of more extra credits to keep them in rotation,
today is the day!

Triple Credits are in the prize pages!
You can find from 5 Credits to 15 Credits and more often too.
That’s some extra advertising and Quality views for your promotions.

Don’t forget we still have the Marketer’s Challenge going this week.
A 1 Month Platinum Upgrade and 1000 Market Points are going to be awarded to 2 winners.
You got all weekend to finish surfing, so do a few today and finish it up tomorrow.

Hope you are enjoying your Saturday!

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    1. Aurelio Martuscelli says:

      Hi Gilbert

      Nice blog, friend!
      Good luck in your promo and business :-)

      Best wishes

      Aurelio Martuscelli

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