Market Monday, Get more Free Advertising

Good Morning and welcome to a brand new week!
Thanks for continuing to use our advertising exchange for your promotions.

We’re starting it off with a weekly dose of Market Monday!
Time to rack up your collection of Market Points.
A whole lot has been added to the Prize Pages.
Your MPs can be used to trade for more diverse advertising,
or can be used to earn tickets for our Market Lottery Draw.

This month we have more prizes, $20.00 Cash, 3000 Credits, and a 3 Month Gold Upgrade.
News flash- there are no tickets yet in the draw!
I guess people are waiting to pile them up so they’re worth more tickets.
(usually we get a bunch of requests near the deadline).
But if you get your tickets now, you are the only one in the running for all the prizes!

Yesterday’s guaranteed prizes have all been added to your accounts.
Thanks for dropping by to surf.

The Weekly Marketer’s Challenge leaderboard has been reset.
Last week’s winners are:
$10.00 – kerberos(payment will be sent a little later)
1000 Market Points – ebookmaster
This week our prizes are a 1 Week Startpage! and 1000 Market Points.
Expect to receive more than 3000 starting views to your site if you win this!
To qualify just surf 1000 for the week, that’s an easy 150 sites a day.

Are your promoting your MS splashes and promo tools?
There’s just 8 members to go, and one happy member will receive $10.50!
Everyone has a fair chance of winning, all you need to do is promote and promote ^^

Ok I might sound nice and all, but a warning to those who put in
adult sites or sites selling adult stuff- they are not allowed to be promoted here.
We’re running a family friendly site, and adult or illegal or other bad sites
are very much prohibited here. There might be kids here too(No not me)
Do check out our terms and conditions page, it’s right at the bottom of every page.
I rarely see them but I just banned one today(thanks for the report)

Sorry for ending in a sour note :S I can show my fangs if it’s for the good of everyone :)

I hope you do have a Splendid new week and please enjoy your time here as well.

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