Lucky 7 Tuesday, Big Free Traffic and More News

Welcome to all our valued members, new and old!
Thanks for continuing to surf and advertising here at Marketing SUrf.

We have had some unexpected technical problems with the server, very sorry for that.
Our site is now transferred to a more secured server, so hopefully it’s gonna be good now.
Please don’t worry about your earnings and other data, we always have daily backups.
I appreciate all your patience and understanding through these surprising situations.
It’s part of our growing pains I guess, but hopefully it’s what makes us
look forward to the future.

Server IP has been updated again, so if you still can’t login please wait a few hours.
I saw that almost everyone are able to login now though.
You can send me an email to gilbertngo@gmail.com if you still have problems.
I’m also on Skype – gilbertcngo

By the way it seems our new server time is now at EST, the clock in the member’s area
has been updated to reflect the change.

Ok it’s time to get things back on track here.
We bring back our popular promo from last week.
Get ready for Lucky 7 Tuesday!
Lucky 7 Prizes have been thrown in to the Prize Pages!
Each Lucky 7 adds $0.07, 7 Credits, 7 Market Points, 77 Banners and Text Ads.
If you find a Lucky 7, you’re included in the draw for 7 Weeks Gold Upgrade!
Upgraded member gets 777 Credits and 777 Market Points.
Remember to always look at all the sites that are good programs,
if you happen to find a lucky prize page- that’s just a bonus.

I’ve been trying to keep up with all our promos and winners.
Sunday’s guaranteed prizes have been added.
$1.00 have been added to all who referred active members during the weekend.

Last week’s Marketer’s challenge winners have been chosen and awarded.
Our startpage has been already claimed by one active member.
1 Week Start Page – wolfie
1000 Market Points – Cecilia4u
A new week has started and the leaderboard has been reset.
Win $10.00 or 1000 Market Points this week!
Just surf 1000 sites all week, or that’s simply 150 sites per day.
No need to rush and finish all, take your time each day to surf and view the great offers rotating.

Winners of the MLH and MS promo will be posted a little later here at the blog.

Once again I would like to thank everyone for staying here with us.
We still have members bringing more people here day to day.
Now is even a better time to put out your ads.
Some people might have stopped promotions during the downtime,
so all that people will be seeing is your ads if you put them out.
We are getting very close to someone winning $10.50 just for referring a member!

There will be more great features coming to our site, so stay tuned.
I’m sure they will be very well liked by all of us here.

One last thing, do you know why I always refer to MS as our site?
Because this is not my site. This is the site of all the members here,
which includes you, me, and everyone who has joined.
So help our site grow and it’s gonna help you back,
because you’re all a big part of our marketing family.

Let’s all bring our site a step further and be a better marketing place for all our advertising.

Take care and God Bless.

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