My name is Gilbert, and I’ve been a online surfer for quite a while now. My journey has been more than 10 years, and I’ve gone through alot of different industries while learning on working online. Right now I also co-own another traffic exchange site(Hitlion) with my friend Jayrene. We did not start the site but we took over from the founder Connie because she didn’t have enough time to run it anymore.

I’ve been planning to start my own traffic exchange for a long LONG time and I’m very happy to finally get it started. I only wish for all of you to have some great results while you have fun surfing and advertising.
I designed almost everything in the site myself, and I really hope the site look will be accomodating to all the members. I’ve been doing some splash page designing for quite a while too, and I’m sure these unique and original splashes will be helpful in your advertising.

And most importantly of course I want you all to succeed in your promotions and earn some nice commissions to help supplement your online earnings. So let’s all work together to be the Best Marketers we can be! 

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