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Using Traffic Exchanges to Increase Website Traffic Effectively

A Traffic Exchange is a site where one can get free traffic views from real people by visiting the sites of other people.  Traffic exchanges, these are not traffic software,  have been known to be one of the easiest ways to get free traffic to your website.  But easy doesn’t mean you don’t have to work hard or to have a good plan in order to succeed with using traffic exchange sites and get internet traffic free.  There are many ways to be successful and many ways to fail in using these kinds of traffic generation techniques.  That is why if you ask people regarding traffic exchanges for increasing website traffic, you will hear good feedback as well as bad feedback.  But whatever people say or think, traffic exchanges do one thing for sure and that is to increase web traffic to your site, making it a high traffic site.

So what is the best way to use traffic exchange sites?  The most important thing to consider is that you have to know the type of website visitors that will see your sites while they surf in the traffic exchange.
The most common types of people who use these traffic generator sites are people who are also interested in marketing online and website promotion.  And these same people are also looking to get more website traffic just like you are.  

The easiest kind of sites to promote to other people are, you guessed it, traffic exchanges.  So that is the first step in becoming successful at advertising online, by using a free traffic exchange to promote other manual traffic exchange sites.  Why would you want to promote a traffic exchange?  When you get people to join you as a referral in a traffic exchange, you will earn more traffic every time your referral uses the traffic exchange.  So that means more free traffic and website hits for you.  The best marketing plan is to join as many of the best traffic exchange sites as you can, and keep building up your downline and referrals in them to increase traffic for your marketing promotions.   Once you get alot of referrals in many of the top traffic exchange sites, you will have a ton of free website traffic building by itself on autopilot of you.  Now tons of more traffic couldn’t hurt right?  You will get alot of free hits by having lots of referrals in different traffic exchanges.
Ok we got alot of targeted website traffic, now what do we do with them?  Now use these free web traffic to make money on the web by online marketing and online advertising.  One thing to note is that most online traffic exchanges pay you some nice commissions when you get referrals who buy traffic or website advertising.  The web traffic being sold in traffic exchanges can be pretty cheap, and there’s  a good number of people who buy website traffic from them.  Advertisers who don’t have time to surf to get free hits can buy web traffic.  So the first step could be making you some nice residual income already, besides earning you alot of site traffic.

Second, besides promoting other traffic exchanges, the next best kind of sites to promote are lead capture pages, or squeeze pages to your lists.  It’s a well known saying, the money is in the list.  There are many list builders who were able to build huge marketing lists by solely using traffic exchange programs to get website traffic to their capture pages.  Advertising at traffic exchanges is fast and smart, so you need to make “catchy”  and very appealing landing pages to be able to lure people to your offers and products.  To help with getting people to join your lists from squeeze pages, it would be a big help if you have some sort of free ebook or guide to give way, so they can subscribe to your list.  Once you build your list, you can do the best affiliate marketing, as people in your list would be good sales prospects, especially if they can trust you very much.  Advertising to your own optin list is a big part of web marketing.

There are alot more different programs that you can have some decent success with using traffic web exchanges.  Although not as easy to promote as our first two options, you can really get some success with anything related to marketing services and affiliate programs.  In order to be successful, you need to get hits and generate traffic from as many traffic exchanges as you can.  Among a few kinds of sites you can get some sales or conversions are solo ad sites, downline builder programs, design software, hosting services, money making programs and matrixes, etc.  Sometimes you can get lucky and get sales from random real stuff that you sell.  I’ve heard from a friend that she has a cigar and wine selling affiliate program, and has sold a few solely by promoting on traffic exchanges.  And people say traffic exchanges never work.