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Traffic Guide:
How it Works
What to Promote?

What is a
Manual Traffic Exchange?

How does it work?
Every time you visit the sites
of other members,
you earn credits that will
give you website traffic to your site.
You can get 100% Free Traffic,
and website promotion, by using our
very easy to use traffic exchange.

Signup Bonuses:
We give new members
100 Credits
500 Banner Ads
500 Text Ads
After you surf 25 sites.

Premium Memberships
Members get earn more
credits and website traffic
by susbcribing to any of our
premium memberships.
Maximize the use of our
traffic exchange,
and earn more commissions!

This is a
Free Traffic Exchange
We deliver:
Web Traffic
Website Traffic
Internet Traffic
Online Traffic
Site Traffic

What is a Traffic Exchange and how does it work?

Marketing Surf is a free traffic exchange, and members can visit other websites so they can get free traffic or advertising views to their own website.  Traffic exchanges are a popular form of website promotion because it is easy to use them to get free web traffic to your website.  It is a traffic generator that can also boost your Alexa stats.  Marketing Surf is also a manual traffic exchange, as the people visiting your site has to be looking at your site for real, not like those autosurf exchanges that have very poor advertising results.  To be able to use our advertising service and get website visitors, you have to signup first and be a member of our traffic site.

So basically, you add your website, set a percentage of credits to assign to it, and start surfing.
That is it, free website hits to your site.  And these are real people looking at your offers and programs.

How do I use the site?
1. Join
First, join our site and be a member.
2. Add Your Website
After joining, the first thing to do is add your website.
If you click "Surf" on the menu bar, you are automatically asked to add a website.  Please check our terms and conditions page at the bottom of our website to see what kind of sites are allowed.  Free members can add up to 10 websites.  If you want to add even more websites, you have to avail of one of our premium memberships, which come with alot of benefits and extra advertising bonuses.
*You can add/remove sites by going to the "Sites" button on the menu bar.
3. Set Auto Assign
Click "Surf" again and you will be asked to set Auto Assign to your site.  Free members are required set at least 50% of their credits in Auto Assign(50% to one site, or 25% + 25% to 2 sites, etc, so 50% is the total needed).  If you are not saving credits for a rainy day, it is best to just set all of your credits, 100% total, to your websites so you would not need to keep added your earned credits to your websites.
*You can change your Auto Assign any time by going to the "Auto Assign" button on the menu bar.
4. Start Surfing
After you finish setting up your sites, you can start surfing to earn credits and get hits so your websites can be seen by other members.  If you set your auto-assign to 100%, your websites are automatically rotating while you surf.  If you set it to a lower percent like 50%, only half of what you earn while surfing is assigned to your websites.  Half of your credits will be stored in your account for future use, you can assign them any time.  You can also buy traffic by purchasing credits if you do not have time to surf.
*You can assign your credits by going to the "Sites" button on the menu bar.

Earning Commissions
Besides getting free web traffic or site traffic here in our traffic exchange, you can also earn big commissions through our affiliate program.  Free members can earn up to 20% in commissions, while upgraded/premium memberships can earn up to 50% on sales!  All you need to do is get your affiliate links and tools, advertise them and start getting referrals.  Building a downline here can give you residual monthly income if they purchase any of your monthly subscriptions and packages.  The minimum amount you need to get paid is $5.00.  Payouts are done weekly.

What are Market Points?
Market Points are unique to our traffic exchange and are not found on other traffic exchange sites.  You can use Market Points to redeem for extra  website advertising, from more credits, banner ads, text ads, email ads, upgrades and more!  You can also use them to get lottery tickets for our Monthly Market Lottery Draw, which has big prizes like Cash and Advertising to lottery winners.
You can earn points by surfing and finding prize pages, or joining surf promos or contests.  Upgraded and Premium members can also get free Market Points every month.

Upgraded or Premium Membership
If you want to save time earning credits, or get more traffic from extra advertising and perks, you can choose to buy an upgraded membership.  Upgraded members earn more credits while surfing, and get monthly credits, banners, text ads, and market points.  There are several types of upgrades, Silver, Gold, or Platinum.  The higher the cost, the more benefits you get.  Gold and Platinum members also get free random referrals added to their account.  There are many other benefits to being upgraded, like the use of the "Super Tracker", which is great for helping you out with learning the best sites to advertise in. Again, upgrades are completely optional.